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Oak Barrels Made of Smooth, Clear, Premium, Slow-Growing White Oak.
American Oak Barrels
Dedicated to Our Customers Success and Tradition.
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Manufacturer of White Oak Barrels for Bourbon, Whisky, Cognac, Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits. Our Barrels are handcrafted from the World’s finest Premium American or French Oak. Get the Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

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It all starts with Love

Our Oak barrel is your business. Our branding system will express your company's values, culture and tradition.

On both Lumber & Barrel

Take a competitive edge with handcrafted, made to order, Premium American and French oak barrels.  

Worldwide Delivery

In addition to our North American operations, we are also operating in France, Toronto, Germany and Ireland.


  • The Best White Oak Trees

    We only use the finest premium white oak to produce top crafted bourbon, whiskey and wine barrels.

  • toast and char to perfection

    The real secret to the finish product is all in the char. Choose the best char level for your spirit. 

  • The perfect barrels For aged spirits

    Consistent with our commitment to top quality, rigorous quality control inspections are conducted during every step of the process..

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